I have EU/EEA qualifications

If you are an EU/EEA national and have been awarded a qualification in architecture in an EU Member State and that qualification is listed in Annex V or VI of the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EU), and you provide the RIAI with the appropriate certificate accompanying the evidence of that qualification as required by the Directive, you may apply for Automatic Recognition under Route D1.

If you have a combination of EU/EEA qualifications and are recognised or registered in one of the awarding Member States;


If you have an EU/EEA qualification that does not appear in the Directive but the Member State in which it was awarded considers that it qualifies you to practise the profession in that Member State;


If you qualified outside the EU/EEA but are recognised in a Member State for more than three years;

You may apply for registration through what is known as the General System under Route D2.

If you completed your qualifications across two or more Member States and are not recognised or registered in those Members States you may apply for registration through Route B.