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Opening Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Monday - Friday)

The RIAI Bookshop at 8 Merrion Square, Dublin is the largest stockist of architectural publications in Ireland. Open to the general public, it stocks a wide range of books and periodicals on architecture, as well as children’s books and a selection of travel guides and gifts.

The RIAI Bookshop is the only supplier of RIAI documentation, much of which is essential to Architects, clients, and contractors.

If you have any related queries, please contact bookshop manager Bróna King on +353 (0)1 676 1703 or email bking@riai.ie.

To order items that are not available online, please send your request in writing by email via bking@riai.ie.

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The most popular items from the RIAI Bookshop are now available to order online. Click here to see a full list of RIAI Contracts.

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Construction Contract with Quantities (Edition March 2020 - Pack of 2) (330g) - €59.04
Construction Contract without Quantities (Edition March 2020 - Pack of 2) (330g) - €59.04
SF88 (Pink) (45g) - €15.99
Building Contract (Plain English) (50g) - €19.07
Health & Safety Pack (90g) - €38.75
Preliminary Health & Safety Plan (30g) - €17.95
Client Architect Agreement for Provision of Architectural Services (65g) - €15.38
Client Architect Agreement for Domestic Works (65g) - €15.38
RIAI Site Sign (price includes delivery, please provide relevant information in Notes field.) - €58.99
RIAI Good Practice Guide (6th Edition, November 2018) - Printed Version (1950g) - €59.00
Book of the Month "Architecture is a Social Act ", Greg Goldin and Sinéad Finnerty-Pyne (1550g) - €36.00
Book of the Month "Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings ", Claudia Kinmonth (1000g) - €39.00


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