RIAI and Junior Cycle for Teachers’ Junior Cycle Graphics Exhibition

Welcome to “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” Exhibition. 

This exhibition is a collaboration between the RIAI and Junior Cycle for Teachers. Students studying Junior Cycle Graphics were encouraged to identify and explore an object or building that shows creative and intelligent design. 


The RIAI is very proud to showcase the exhibition of student entries.  

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RIAI/JCT Graphics Virtual Exhibition 2022

What is Junior Cycle Graphics?

In Junior Cycle Graphics, students develop their creativity, spatial ability, and capacity to reason and communicate ideas through engagement with abstract and applied geometric problem-solving activities. Graphics encourages the development of the cognitive and practical dexterity skills associated with graphical communication.

In Junior Cycle Graphics students investigate and solve design challenges. They work with their peers to refine their ideas from an abstract concept to a final, detailed, drafted design. Abstraction, and spatial reasoning are fundamental to this process; graphics provides multiple and varied opportunities for students to develop these high level cognitive and creative skills in engaging contexts. Skills that encourage the student to solve problems through creation, innovation, communication, collaboration and exploration, all of which are developed in an active learning environment where students can advance their ideas from conception to realisation.

They will develop cognitive and practical skills such as graphical communication, spatial visualisation, creative problem-solving, design capabilities and modelling, both physically and through the use of computer-aided design.

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