RIAI and Junior Cycle for Teachers’ Junior Cycle Graphics Exhibition

The RIAI, in association with Junior Cycle for Teachers, are delighted to collaborate on an exhibition of the work of Junior Cycle Graphics students. Teachers are asked to submit entries on their students' behalf to jct4competitions@jct.ie by 1st May 2021. 

What are students asked to do?

Identify their favourite space or object and communicate it graphically to highlight the following:

  • Why is it a good design?
  • What/where is it?
  • Why they like it?
  • What geometry is present?

Who can enter?

Any student studying Junior Cycle Graphics. Students should create a single entry piece and give it to their teacher. See below for possible entry forms students could explore.

How can students communicate their entry?

Be creative! Students are encouraged to use a variety of presentation techniques such as sketching, modelling, photography, rendering, CAD, video etc.

How to enter student submissions:

Teachers are asked to submit entries on their students’ behalf to jct4competitions@jct.ie. Each entry must include the student’ s name, year group and school name.

Entries will be exhibited on the RIAI website, which is a showcase of good design.  

Also of interest

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