• 23 May 2024

RIAI calls on elected representatives to prioritise housing and sustainability in advance of European and Local Elections

The RIAI has today, 24 May 2024, published its manifesto in advance of the local and European elections on 7th June. 

The RIAI Election Manifesto sets out the RIAI’s recommendations for how policy makers can address Ireland’s housing needs and meet climate commitments across three priority areas:

  1. Climate Change and Housing
  2. Planning and Regulation
  3. Creating Mobility, Inclusivity and Diversity in the Architecture Profession

Sean Mahon FRIAI, RIAI President said: “Our local and European representatives have the opportunity to play a key role in responding to Ireland’s challenges in terms of housing, climate and societal needs. Our built environment has seen significant investment over the past decades which has attracted European and foreign investors who recognise the value and future potential of towns and cities across Ireland.

The lack of affordable housing throughout the country, however, is negatively impacting our citizens. Towns in Ireland are threatened by vacancy, dereliction, and inadequate transport planning. This is matched with the overriding challenge of climate change which needs to be a priority in the design and delivery of buildings, towns, and cities everywhere.” 

Amongst the recommendations outlined by the Institute in their European Elections Manifesto are:

  • Invest in high-quality, liveable cities and towns within climate-resilient solutions.
  • Adapt existing building stock and regeneration objectives through pilot projects and European funding programmes and initiatives (New European Bauhaus).
  • Support development of new innovative building materials and technologies to ensure that innovative solutions used in other European jurisdictions can be used in Ireland.
  • Invest in 3-D forwarding planning solutions, learning from other European members states.

Amongst the recommendations outlined by the Institute in their Local Elections Manifesto are:

  • The creation of a long-term vision for Irelands cities and towns.
  • Resource local authorities to employ more Architects and urban designers to deliver better outcomes.
  • Fund feasibility studies and pilot projects for retrofitting and adapting existing building stock.
  • Introduce plan-led development and 3-D planning for cities.
  • Accelerate best practice guidelines and regulations for timber construction. 

Sean Mahon FRIAI, RIAI President, concluded stating that, “The architectural profession contributes €21 billion to the European economy. A contribution which is increasing year-on-year. Architects can be agents of positive change and our knowledge and skillset is available to policymakers across Ireland and Europe, to help design a more inclusive, sustainable, and affordable built environment”.